God Didn't Create Disabled People - Bibi Bright

Actress Bibi Bright believes everything God creates is wonderful and doesn’t bring struggles to people, so she doesn’t believe that people with disabilities, were created by God.

The heavy endowed actress made this statement while addressing her physique on the Delay Show.

She believes she’s different in a very unique way and that God “took time” to design her.

“Technically God created just Adam and Eve. God didn’t create their descendants. So mostly I disagree with people who say even people who were born with conditions (such as illnesses or deformations), that limit their physical or mental abilities, are created by God. No, they are not, they are born that way by their mothers”- she said.

This unconventional Christian(she called herself early on in the interview) opinion sprung a “are you really a Christian?” question.

To her, she’s a citizen of the world and not a Christian. She noted that she was born into Christianity and fed with it, but growing up, she believes she can be open-minded about the world.

“I’m not an Indian but I’m trying to learn and understand Hinduism. It is a way of life of some people, and it can help one day if I’m to travel and happen to be around such people” she explained.

The “Promise Beyond” star and producer went on to elaborate some of her perspectives about some laws in the bible and religious lifestyles.

She believes she can’t be judged and has been forgiven by God for her tattoos because at the time she got them, she didn’t know it was a sin and when she found out, she asked God for forgiveness.

However, she thinks having sex before marriage is not a sin, because the people involved in it could end up getting married, but sleeping with a married person is, because the indulgers would be involved in an encounter where one of them, or both, one way or the other, belong to some other people.

The beautiful actress ended by advising people not to rush into love and know when to use their heads in relationships.

“The person I’m with now believes in me and trusts that I wouldn’t mess up- she added.