Kofi Sarpong Prays For Peace

Police Superintendent Kofi Sarpong, the reigning VGMA Gospel Artiste of the Year, has called on his fans and Ghanaians to join him in promoting a peaceful environment as the country heads for the polls at end of year.

“God would not jump down from heaven to tell us to maintain peace. We have to be sensible enough to know that we need peace and that the peace of our country is more important than any political party or politician so we must put the peace of Ghana ahead of our political interests.

“We must all come together to protect and promote this peace we are all enjoying in Ghana. Without peace, our businesses cannot go on; without peace it is impossible for whichever party wins the elections to govern, without peace, we cannot even leave our homes that we are going to church or to watch a gospel show so as we continue to pray for peace, we must be doing things that promote peace but not just talking about peace with our mouths when our actions are not right,” SP Kofi Sarpong told NEWS-ONE.

The senior police officer explained further that if Ghanaians decide to protect and promote the peace of the country, it would make the work of the law enforcement agencies easier.

“The police want peace, our soldiers want peace and it would be nicer if some civilians stop allowing themselves to be used by a few lawless persons to start trouble. We are one people in one country and we have to do this together. I am sure that if all civilians decide to be law abiding, we the police and the soldiers would have very little work to do.

“I am a police officer and I can tell you that from what I have seen in countries that have taken their peace for granted, Ghana cannot afford to toy with its peace. We are enjoying it but we do not actually appreciate the value of peace because we have never experienced the absence of peace,” SP Kofi Sarpong added.

He suggested that at the threshold of a political season, it is important that people should be mindful of their choice of words when discussing political issues.

Kofi Sarpong’s presence on the music scene has played a significant role in strengthening police-civilian relationship, and he has become an unofficial goodwill ambassador for the Ghana Police Service (GPS).

He is under the record label of Media Excel Production, managed by Ernest Kwasi Ennin.