NDC Youth Group Calls For Active Participation Of The Youth Wing In 2016 Campaign

We the Active Youth for Victory (NDC – AYFV-2016) are an association of active NDC youth activists throughout the country who are rooting and working to achieve victory for President John Mahama and the NDC in 2016.

Our activities are inspired by the active grassroots and social media presence and motivation of our hard working national youth leader Hon. Sidii Abubakar Musah.

The election of Sidii Abubakar Musah as the NDC youth leader is the best thing that has happened to our party in the past two years. This is because the youth leader has been able to achieve within a short period, what others struggled to deal with for a long time.

For example, the past apathy among NDC foot soldiers throughout the country which resulted in rampant foot soldier agitations including burning of party offices, seizure of public toilets, the chasing of DCE’s etc have all ceased under the leadership of our youth leader.

As a contemporary youth leader, Sidii Abubakar has employed and deployed modern tools of communications including new social media better than any other NDC party officer. This has energized and encouraged the NDC youth as well as the older folks in the party to take the NDC campaign message as well as John Mahama’s developmental projects to viral proportions in an unprecedented manner. The political organizational skills of the NDC youth leader is not in doubt in our minds what so ever.

However, in recent times, we have observed with great worry, the extent to which efforts have been made by elected and unelected officials of our great party and government to belittle the all-important role of the NDC youth leader.

First, we have been shocked by the absence of our youth leader from the NDC campaign team or any of its committees set up to execute the 2016 campaign. We have never witnessed or seen any political party win an election in Ghana without the active engineering and participation of its youth base and leadership.

We recently witnessed for example the unpardonable attempt to ignore us the party youth who form the majority of the foot soldiers during the 2016 campaign launch in Cape Coast. Our youth leader was denied the platform to address us the teaming youth of the party. As if that is not enough, our women’s wing was also ignored in the campaign launch.

This worrying development from our party leadership has generated anger among the rank and file especially the party youth and foot soldiers who expect nothing but full and total participation in this year’s campaign.

We the active NDC Youth for Victory 2016 are disappointed that our youth leader Sidii Abubakar has remained silent over these undeserved orchestrations against the NDC youth and grassroots supporters. We know that our youth leader’s silence over these wrongful acts against the NDC youth is informed by his wish for ultimate victory for the NDC and John Mahama in December 2016.

We the active Youth for victory however cannot remain mute over these worrying developments since our active participation in this year’s campaign is being undermined by people who want to serve their personal interests at the expense of the NDC party.

We are even more appalled by the sudden elevation to the national level of a certain John Domelo, a movie actor who has not been known to be an active NDC member in the past. Our information indicates that John Domelo has been given a Land Cruiser by the government of the NDC to embark on a national campaign when indeed, that actor does not understand and has not followed the NDC party structures. He was also given the platform recently to address the NDC youth during the campaign launch without any capacity or authority what so ever. We the active NDC party youth do not know John Domelo and those scheming to get him ahead of the party structures must desist from it now or risk the wrath of the grassroots structures.

The visibility of the NDC youth leader Sidii Abubakar is not in doubt. His appeal to the grassroots is also not in doubt. We therefore use this opportunity to call on the President as leader of the NDC to as a matter of urgency, provide the needed support for the active participation of the NDC youth wing and leadership in the 2016 campaign.

As the most active wing of the NDC party or any other party, the youth led by its leader must be given adequate resources and logistics to engage in independent active campaigning to energize the party base towards the December elections in order to guarantee a resounding victory for NDC and John Mahama.

We warn that any further attempts to undermine the important role of the elected NDC youth leader will amount to alienating from the campaign, the masses of the active grassroots organizers without whose contribution, the anticipated victory for the NDC and John Mahama in December will remain an illusion.


Linus Akoto


Active NDC Youth for Victory 2016