Hearts Of Oak Coach Sergio Traguil Begs Fans To Support Club

Hearts of Oak head coach Sérgio Traguil has called on the fans to lift the pressure off the shoulder of the players by rendering unflinching support to the team.

The Portuguese coach feels there is excessive pressure on the players when they are playing at the Accra Sports Stadium.

But Sergio wants full support for the team during Sunday’s game with Inter Allies at home.

"I think everybody can identify our problem at home but I think most of the players feel a lot of pressure and most of them think that they do not have enough support here because anytime they miss a pass or even if I choose the first XI that way or another way; they do not supporting us," he told facebook.com/accraheartsofoak.

"But a supporter must always support the team – it does not matter if we win or lose; supporters always have to support the club.

"I am begging the supporters to come to the stadium – and if you want us to win the league – please come to support us and show us your love because the players need that. Your support is extra motivation for the players to score goals.

"If the supporters will not support; the players cannot play. The players need to feel the love at home the same way we feel away.

"People ask why we do not win in Accra or play better? You think about it: because the players are already under pressure; the players are afraid to fail or make a mistake so we have to think about it. Come and support us and come and carry us to the title."