I Do Mature Songs Now…

A former member of defunct Wutah music group, Afriyie has made a statement which seems to suggest that songs the group recorded were immature.

Afriyie who has won Best Male Vocalist at the Ghana Music Awards once after several nominations answering a question on whether he hopes to win more said:

“Music is like football; the older you get, the wiser you become. You composition and everything changes. When we were younger, we were singing ‘goozie ganda’ and stuff. Now, we’re doing Love of My Life, Here To Say”.

When host of the AM Pluzz show, Sammy Flex asked if his statement suggests that ‘Goossy ganhda’ was not a mature song, Afriyie replied:

“When I was young, I did things children do. Even the Bibles says.”

Wutah had hit songs including Goosy Ganda, Burning Desire, Kotosa, Big Dreams and Change Your Style.

Both Kobby and Afriyie have blamed each other for the split. Afriyie once recounted that Kobby recorded songs without his notice and was subsequently hit with an article in the newspaper that Wutah had split.

But Kobby cited cheating and some people’s advice to Afriyie that he is the pivot of the group and can succeed on his own as the cause of their breakup.

Kobby after the split has recorded songs including Tsotsoo, Pii Por Pii and Father for All while Afriyie has Tontonti, Love of My Life, Go Gaga among others.

Meanwhile, Afriyie has released a single titled, Here to Stay.