Usain Bolt Swaps Track For Javelin In Olympic Stadium (WATCH)

The world is aware of Usain Bolt's prowess on the track, but if this video is anything to go by his talent now extends to the field as well.

The sprint king claimed an unprecedented 'triple triple' in Rio this week, and now that his Olympics is over he has been able to try his hand at a different sport.

In the early hours of Sunday morning in Brazil's Olympic Stadium, the Jamaican picked up a javelin after the close of play to see how far he could throw it.

In typical Bolt style, the 30-year-old appealed to onlooking volunteers to clap his run-up, before jogging down the track and launching his attempt.

According to Franck Ballanger, the French journalist who posted the video on Twitter, Bolt reached a distance of 56 metres with his throw.

While Bolt's casual attempt is nowhere near his usual record-breaking standards, the 100m champion can rest with the knowledge that his throw is still better than most beginners.