Corruption Allegations Against Me Borne Out Of Jealousy - GFA Boss

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi says constant accusation of corruption against him are sickening and borne out of jealousy, envy and pettiness and warns people who are bent on seeing his back by deploying patent falsehood will pay for it.

The highly respected CAF Executive Committee member has come under constant attack from a tiny minority of the Ghanaian media - who have persistent accused him of being corrupt despite falling short of providing evidence. The Wa All Stars owner has been at the helm of affairs for more than a decade, making significant strides in his tenure.

But constant allegations of corruption has been heaped on him on daily basis by a tiny minority of the media.But he has rubbished the claims as unfounded and baseless, saying it's borne out of jealousy. “I can never be charged with corruption,” he said on Starr FM Tuesday.

“Some based on envy, pettiness, jealousy and what have you,”

He added “if there is any wrong doing” he will be the first to confess to his close associates and seek for forgiveness.

“But, I haven’t done any wrong, so if you accuse me wrongly the old man upstairs [God] will judge you and I one day,” he said.

He continued that “those who pursue falsehood to tarnish people’s image for their personal, parochial, selfish and somebody’s interest one day you will pay for it. You will see it.”

Nyantakyi has supervised a largely successful tenure since he assumed office in 2005.

He has endeared himself to CAF aficionados and largely seen as potential successor to long-serving CAF boss Issa Hayatou.