Fame Destroyed My Life Jagger Pee

He has seen it all in showbiz and veteran actor, Jagger Pee thinks fame is deadly and as such, one must be cautious when enjoying the popularity that comes with it.
Speaking with Showbiz, the actor who has been battling a heart ailment for some time now said, “fame can ruin one’s life if you aren’t prayerful”.

For one who tasted fame at age 19, Jagger Pee said at that young age, he was overwhelmed with the public reception he enjoyed and was not mature enough to handle it to his benefit.

The result, he said was his incarceration at the Nsawam Prison where he had to reshape his life but that was not after he had tasted the “bitterness of life”.

He was imprisoned alongside then friend and music star, Geeman, in 1996 following a shooting incident at the CFC Flats, Dome in Accra, where a taxi driver was killed in 1995.

“Fame is a canker and when it gets so much into your head, you can easily fall into trouble. Sincerely, you meet very influential people who you think may be of help when trouble finds you but trust me, such people will be nowhere to be found when you land into trouble.

“You will think you are loved and highly appreciated until you find yourself in an unfortunate incident and then, you will realise all the praises heaped on you  weren’t relevant at all,” he stated.

Also, the Chorkor Trotro actor said roles have “spiritual implications” in an actor’s life. Citing his case to buttress his point, he told Showbiz the reality of the prison roles he played dawned on him when he was imprisoned.

“I remember very well that I played the role of a prisoner in Too Late and Ayalolo. Well, for me at that time, it was just another role I interpreted as an actor but later, I found myself in Nsawam Prisons.

“Actors are mostly liked or disliked by the roles they play. Someone can just develop hatred for you and heap curses on you for playing a role in movie. Mind you, the tongue is very powerful in accomplishing the things it says. That’s why actors need to pray before accepting roles,” he stated.

Recently, he was in the news for seeking financial help for his medical care and Jagger Pee, who needs surgery to replace his non-functioning heart valves appealed to the public for funds.

He told Showbiz that though he has already received some donations, it was below the expected medical fees of GH¢ 40,000 to have an artificial replacement for his two damaged heart valves.

Born Abeiku Nyame, Jagger Pee was one of the leading actors in Ghana in the 90s and made a tremendous contribution to the Ghanaian movie industry until an unfortunate situation took him to prison in 1996. 

He was sentenced alongside then friend and music star, Geeman following a shooting incident at the CFC Flats, Dome in Accra, where a taxi driver was killed.

Geeman was sentenced to death while Jagger Pee got a life sentence but former President John Agyekum Kufuor’s amnesty in commemoration of the country’s 48th independence anniversary pardoned Jagger Pee who immediately relocated to the UK after his release.

Abeiku has featured in a number of movies such as Landlord, Too Late and TV series such as Jagger Pee Series on Thursday Theatre and Chorkor Trotro.