Video: Poor Sanitation At Various Beaches As A Result Of Epidemic Diseases

The enduring of Cholera in Accra provides unambiguous evidence on how sanitation issues have generally been disparaged in Ghana.

The continuous littering of waste which chocks our gutters goes untreated and finally run into water bodies and above all the beaches. 

Human activities on the beach go from picnicking to swimming, from mining sand to fishing. Any of these activities might impact the beach environment positively or negatively.

Poor sanitation along the beach pollutes the environment and atmosphere and this inevitably leads to the outbreak of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid malaria and other perilous diseases which have claimed many precious lives of the past and still claiming the lives of many poor children and adults.

And this goes a long way to retard economic development since a lot of money is wasted by the government in treating these diseases.

During ATV's visit to some surroundings along some beaches in Accra, we captured plastic waste engulfing the area. Diapers and other solid waste was also a part of this sanitation problem.

Another great effect of poor sanitation along the beach is loss of revenue to the state.  If Ghana wants to attract investors, world class brains, tourists, host international programmes and events then our beaches should be kept clean.