Agya Koo Lands In Techiman North

The campaign launch of the NPP Techiman North constituency turned out to be a huge rally when Agya Koo, the ace comedian surprisingly stormed the venue with his entourage to campaign for Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Mr. Martin Oti Gyarko.  When the MC of the occasion made the announcement that Agya Koo had arrived at the venue, people rushed from their houses to catch a glimpse of the comedian and listen to his message.

When Agya Koo had the opportunity to speak, he began by singing a popular school children song titled “Se woni danta, kope pioto” (If you don’t have a linen ephod go for underwear) As the chorus became louder and louder, the tune change to “John Mahama, Se woni danta, kope pioto”.

Agya Koo admonished the teeming crowd of NPP supporters not be swayed by the lies of the NDC but stay focused until December 7 where they will have the opportunity to vote the NDC out of power for Nana Addo to hold the reins of power to implement his one district, one factory, one village, one dam and the Zongo Development Fund which is meant to assuage the suffering of the people of the Zongos.

He said the NDC swansong that “he can’t do it” is very laughable because there is nothing that cannot be done on this earth if you set your priories right. He stressed that the cost of one V8 Landcruiser can build a mechanized borehole which could be used to operate all year round farming of vegetables in one village. Instead of thinking outside the box, he said, the NDC is rather doling out V8 cars to chiefs and queenmothers.

When the Parliamentary Candidate, Mr. Martin Oti Gyarko took his turn, he mesmerized the crowd with his sheer rhetoric.  He said nothing will keep the NPP from coming to power, come December 7 so the people of Techiman should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the NDC once again since the eight years that they gave to the NDC were nothing but wasteful years.