NDC Has Neglected Us - Adaklu Constituency

The government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has neglected the people of the Adaklu constituency in the Volta Region, especially the youth, despite their loyalty to the party, the youth of the area have complained.

A statement, released on Wednesday September 29 rejecting claims by the Electoral Commission (EC) that the area was a flashpoint, said: “Adaklu is under one paramountcy and we see each other as a family, therefore, it is frivolous for the EC to portray us as being lawless and violent. Was this classification based on the following critical factors such as corruption, poverty, suffering and struggling for survival and lack of opportunities for the youth and social amenities which can affect peace? This is because the NDC has neglected the people of Adaklu, even though we always vote massively for the NDC since 1992.

“It is also very distasteful to note that after describing us as the poorest constituency in the Volta Region, the impression is also created that we are violent. For tagging Adaklu constituency as violent, we believe it will unjustifiably retard developments in the area, which will increase the level of poverty among us. We will not allow it. We want to believe, however, that the Electoral Commission has plans far advanced to use the police and the armed forces to intimidate us to make way for the NDC to rig the 2016 general elections. This tag should also open our minds to realise how the NDC regards us, the people of Adaklu.

“We are calling on the Electoral Commission to come out with the criteria they used in the determination of the list of these so-called flashpoints in the country. We are also calling on all Adaklu citizens to disregard and treat the EC's statement with the contempt it deserves. We shall forever love ourselves, remain peaceful as we are, and be united to fight the poverty cancer that has bedevilled us.”

The statement co-issued by Christo Klutse, Raybon-Evans Anyadi, and Bright Nyatsikor, all spokespersons of the youth in the area, added: “We the people of Adaklu have never witnessed any election-related violence, therefore, the tagging of the constituency as a flashpoint stands to be questioned. This labelling has downgraded us as peace-loving people.”