GRA Urged To Develop Comprehensive Warehousing Manual

Madam Cecilia Kobblah, the Chief Revenue Officer, Systems and Warehousing, Ghana Revenue Authority, Customs Division, has called for the development of a comprehensive warehousing manual to guide operators.

She said the Authority should employ a robust risk management tool in assessing performance of warehousing operators.

Madam Kobblah made the recommendation during a presentation on “Warehousing Operation” at a day’s tax education forum organised by GRA, Customs Division, Accra Collection unit.

The event, which targeted GRA stakeholders in the Warehousing and other Customs Suspense regime within the Accra Collection, is on the theme: “Promoting a Healthy Environment for National Development; The Role of Customs and Stakeholders”.

The programme forms part of GRA’s modernisation process, which is aimed at building and improving compliance, increasing revenue and the production of a disciplined and highly motivated workforce. 

She said warehousing provided convenience for traders to operate their businesses and also it enables them to get the opportunity to look for markets.

She also called for a comprehensive reforms and modernisation for information technology platform and trading systems.

Madam Kobblah called for the review of the requirement for registration and licensing of private bonded warehouses.

She urged the authorities to continue to train and sensitize officers and warehousing operators to improve on their operations.

“There should be a reward for compliant officers and sanctions and prosecution for those who break the laws,” she added.

Mr Alex Asamoah-Bonti, Deputy Commissioner, Medium Taxpayer Office, GRA Customs Division, said the event was to reduce the incidence of corruption and revenue leakage, facilitate trade and investment as well as improve service delivery.

He said GRA since its inception has introduced and chalked various achievements as part of the modernisation initiative that has involved the improvement of communication and relationship systems.

He said GRA thus intended to focus more on excellent client service delivery and has outlined specific initiatives under its new strategic plan to deliver effective communication and customer care.

He said the authorities focus would be on the improvement of service delivery and most importantly to give taxpayers a user-friendly avenue for tax administration.

Mr Asamoah-Bonti said GRA has a large and diverse stakeholders group that ought to be encouraged to contribute to the development of its policies and procedures.

“Our stakeholder engagement must necessarily improve internal client care service and attitudes, monitor the implementation of GRA’s customer care manual and client charter,” he said.

He said in order to promote good governance that was stakeholder centred, Customs would have to take into consideration the need to win public support and usage.