APC Offers The Best Alternative - Ayariga

The Presidential nominee of the All People’s Congress (APC), Mr. Hassan Ayariga, has appealed to Ghanaians to vote for the party to solve the economic difficulties of the countries.

Mr Ayariga said Ghana’s political system had not helped to facilitate the development of the country as key human resource with the requisite knowledge and skills were deprived from assisting the party in power because of partisanship.

He said this at a ceremony to introduce the Party’s Vice Presidential Candidate to its supporters at the Party’s office in Accra.

”We are bringing everybody together,” Mr Ayariga said. “They believe in the winner takes it all syndrome, a political gimmick, a military regime in disguise. What is the difference between a military ruler and winner takes it all?

“They are the same except that their names have been changed - too much power for one person. Democracy by the white man is to enable us ‘jaw jaw’ with one another. Democracy in Ghana separates us from one another. But, no single party would be able to manage this country alone.”

Mr Ayariga said the APC, which was a Liberal Socialist, would provide pragmatic solutions to help address the economic difficulties.

”Ghanaians are looking for new people with new ideas. We will provide social intervention programmes, good policies to change the lives of Ghanaians,” he said.

“More than 20 per cent of Ghanaians can’t pay their bills, can’t provide for themselves three square meals a day. This is what we are going to deal with’’.

He, therefore, asked, asked Ghanaians to vote for outstanding individuals who had the capacity to manage the country rather than people who hid behind political parties and failed to deliver, saying that, the economic situation in any country was a representation of the ability of its leadership.  

The Vice Presidential nominee of the Party, Mr. Emmanuel Carl Bartels, is an accountant  and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Ghana and Nigeria. He has more than 17 years of  professional experience..

He is married to Roselyn Bartels.

Mr. Bartels, in his address, commended the national executives of the Party for the confidence reposed in him, and pledged to work diligently to complement the efforts of the Presidential nominee to win the elections to enhance the beauty of Ghana’s multiparty democracy.