Letís Focus More Effort On Restoring Destroyed Forests

The Most Reverend Professor Daniel Yinkah-Sarfo, Primate and Anglican Archbishop of the Church of Province of West Africa, has asked the church to focus more effort on helping to restore the nation’s destroyed forests.

He asked that it actively engaged in the establishment of tree plantations and led from the front the campaign to promote sustainable management of the forest and its resources.

The wanton destruction through illegal timber operations and mining should not be allowed to continue, he added.

Archbishop Yinkah-Sarfo, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi said the unrestrained degradation of the environment had become a real threat and it was time “we sit up” and worked together to neutralize the threat and bring some sanity.

He said the church was not only concerned about the spiritual growth of the people but their physical wellbeing.
It could therefore not sit on the sidelines as the forest and water bodies got ruined.

He said the church has a mission to render service to the community in the areas of health development, education and the protection of the environment.

He encouraged Christians and people of other religious faith to make tree planting a major priority.

Archbishop Yinkah-Sarfo said recent extreme weather conditions should be “a wake-up call to all of us, to get our acts right and stop the recklessness” to avert disaster.