President Mahama’s Fight Against Corruption Unmatched - Murtala Mohammed

The Member of Parliament for Nanton, Murtala Mohammed Alhassan has chastised the opposition NPP for its hypocritical stance on corruption.

He says there are so many elements within the NPP who have been associated with acts of corruption and yet find it expedient to describe the NDC government as such.

According to Murtala Mohammed Alhassan, who is also the Deputy Minister for Trade noted that NPP’s approach to dealing with corruption during the Kuffour Administration, bred more corruption in the country because of the covert manner in which they were done.

“NPP doesn’t have the moral authority to accuse President John Dramani Mahama, and the NDC government of being corrupt. NPP knows that their record of fighting the menace both in the past and present, has been nothing but pathetic. They claim they are apostles of democracy but when their former National Chairman raised issues concerning corruption in the party. Wasn’t he hounded from the party? So how can they tell Ghanaians that they can fight corruption?” he argued.
President Mahama, has consistently touted his achievements in the fight against corruption under his watch explaining that a lot of corruption-related activities had been exposed, but the NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo and his running mate Dr Mahmoud Bawumia have rather described President Mahama’s fight against corruption as a “sham” and “self-professed”.

However, speaking on New Day on Accra based TV3, Murtala Muhammed maintained that President Mahama’s fight against the canker is unmatched.

He further asserted that ..“Just mention one instance of corruption case that the president is not dealing with, unlike Ex-President Kufour who said when you find any of his ministers to be indulging in an act of corruption, you should go and report to the police”. As we speak this is the first time a sitting MP of a ruling party is being tried in court for his role in the GYEEDA scandal. The only person they imprisoned for an act of corruption was Mallam Issah and even he it was because he was not from their stock. So if NPP in opposition was not able to solve issues of corruption, how will they be able to do so in government?”

He also described as illogical, the NPP’s attitude of jumping into conclusion by mere allegations.

He added that “if that was the case then he can pin point so many people within the party who fall in that category. I laugh at the NPP anytime they say we are corrupt because there were far more allegations of corruption in the NPP than we have recorded in this administration and yet you are the loudest when it comes to issues of corruption”