ôLove God By Doing What He Teaches You To Do - Majid Michel Tells Students

Popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel says the way Ghana’s system of education has been skewed to focus on teaching students how to find job is wrong. He wished students are made to also exploit potentials they can identify with.

The status quo is the reason why Ghana’s unemployment rate is skyrocketing, he noted. The actor was delivering a motivational speech to about 2000 students from tertiary and second cycle institutions in and around the Central Region at ‘Success Africa 2016’ organised by the LEC Group at the University of Cape Coast. The multiple award winning movie star mentioned that self discovery plays important role in choosing a career, and therefore urged students to find and exploit their gifts to reduce unemployment. According to a World Bank report on Ghana, about 48 percent of youth between 15 and 24 years do not have jobs.

The report recommended to government to work towards equipping the youth with relevant skills through the educational system. In an interview with TV3, Majid Michel noted how many students are deceived by a popular catchphrase on campus that there is ‘Life After School’. “…that’s why we have people with PhDs who have jobs but haven’t found and discovered their gifts, the system doesn’t teach you how to find your gift but teaches you how to find a job which is wrong…” He therefore advised students who think acting is their passion to pursue it for a successful career. Majid, known for his romantic roles in movies, also preached about the love of God, which he said is the source of knowledge based on which he charged his audience to love God with their strength by being morally ethical. “Love God by doing what he teaches you to do…” he said.