I Never Quit Music For The Pulpit - Akoo Nana

Sometime last year, news and pictures went viral that Hiplife artiste, Akoo Nana has given his life to Christ and had dedicate himself to preaching and evangelising the word of God and thus had quit secular music.
There were even pictures on social media depicting Akoo Nana with a Bible in hand sharing the word of God in a church auditorium as well as on a bus. 

Some media houses reported that Akoo Nana had become an active member of the House of Life Chapel, a small community church located at Nungua in Accra was a member of the church’s evangelism and outreach team.

But in an interview with Showbiz on Friday, Akoo Nana said the pictures were misinterpreted and added that he never said anything to the effect that he was quitting hiplife music for Christ. 

“I have always been a Christian but I never said I was quitting Hiplife for the pulpit. Last year, I embarked on a peace campaign where I went across town talking to people about peace and the need for peaceful elections. 

“ Some media outlets took pictures from these encounters and wrongly reported that I was now preaching in trotros and other places, he said. 

Akoo Nana, real name, Ato Ankrah however confirmed to Showbiz that he was no longer a Hiplife artiste but was switching to concentrate his efforts on the Highlife genre with the release of his Highlife single Amponsah. 

“I recently signed onto a new record label, Empire Records so we had to make a decision about which genre I focus my efforts on. Previously, I did not have a specific genre of music, I did Dancehall, Hiplife among others but together with my management we have decided to limit myself to Highlife, he said.

Akoo Nana told Showbiz that making Highlife music has made him a much more creative artiste. “Previously I used to just enter the studio and within a short time come out with a single. Highlife music forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you put meaning behind your lyrics and songs you make. 

“I also spend time with my band constantly rehearsing how to play live music and become a better performer,” he said. 

Akoo Nana told Showbiz that the switch to Highlife music has been a positive one thanks to his team and their support.