DKM Creditors Given GHS10, Vow To Vote Against Mahama (Photo)

Payment process for validated creditors of DKM Microfinance in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region has stalled, following a boycott by aggrieved creditors.

The customers are angry over what they say are the paltry amounts being paid them.

Some of the customers who spoke to Citi Business News complained that they are paid as little as 10 cedis after investing about 1000 or 1500 cedis. Activities have come to a halt due to the refusal of creditors to accept the payment.

“They try enquiring from the reps of the liquidator and they have since not had any better answer. Although some have cashed the GHc10.00 and GHc20.00, majority of them have refused those cheques and the process has been brought to a halt.” 

The liquidator representative who was present at the scene at the time refused to comment on the situation.

Meanwhile some of the affected customers have also threatened not to vote if their monies are not refunded to them in full.

“We feed our family and children, plus children’s school fees. So what are you trying to tell us? President should sit up and look at how best to solve this issue. Otherwise, we will vote him out. If he is comfortable in his office and state, we are really suffering. We won’t take that GHc10.00. DKM also better refund our monies to us” one aggrieved customer stated.

Another added that “Because of this issue, people have lost their lives. And we come here only to be told that we are to receive only GHc10.00, what do we use GHc10.00 for? I will not vote for this government. How can I invest all my money and be given only GHc10.00? What do they mean?”

DKM customers lose investment

Thousands of people lost their investment when DKM Microfinance Company misapplied deposits of the customers against the Bank of Ghana regulation.

Customers lost millions of cedis leading to a panic withdrawal in all branches of the company.

The BoG appointed the Registrar General’s Department to oversee the liquidation process of DKM’s assets to help refund customers.