I Slept With My Cousin Not A Bank Manager - Bibi Bright

Celebrity beef broke between Bibi Bright and Nana Akua Addo last night. It is interesting the kind of revelations coming out. Nana Akua Addo, through an alleged fake account, claimed that Bibi Bright intentionally aborted her child months ago and that she has been sleeping around with Bank managers.

In response, Bibi Bright cleared things that she rather had a relationship with her cousin (unknowingly) for four years. When they were about to marry, the families realized they were cousins and called it off. Following that she had a miscarriage, something that almost everyone is aware of because she did not hide it.

With regards to claims of sleeping with a Bank Manager, she swore by her child and herself on Antoa gods that they should die if she has slept with any Bank Manager. It is interesting how things are coming up every now and then.