Princess Shyngle’s Waist Is From Weija...

There are numerous hidden gems in the ravings forced upon Ghanaians by actress Bibi Bright, who spent the night on a vendetta against Nana Akua Addo – but this coming must surely be one of, if not, the best.

And it actually elicited a response from Princess Shyngle!

During her rantings, Bibi Bright said one of the people bad mouthed by Nana Akua Addo was Princess Shyngle. She said Akua had claimed Shyngle’s waist was fake, and that she had gotten it from Weija.

“So does @princessshyngle know you going around saying her waist is fake? and she did it at Weija?” Bibi wondered in her now deleted comments.

Princess Shyngle’s waist defies gravity but getting it done at Weija seems on a whole other level.

And she actually responded to the post, claiming she had been hearing the ‘stupid a** rumour’ and had been ignoring it, and laid a warning for Nana Akua Addo if she was actually the one behind the rumour.