"I Will Perform At Any Political Party Event, If.."- Gasmilla

As political events dominate heady days to the December 7 polls, a lot of Ghanaian musicians are scared to mount political stages with the fear of being tagged as being affiliated to one political party or the other.

Even though for any musician with a hit song this could be a cash-in season, they won’t mount the stage, for the fear to losing fans that are affiliated to a particular party or have no interest in politics at all.

But, for “Telemo” famed award-winning hit maker, Gasmilla, on the issues of political party endorsement and musicians, performing on any political platform won’t be a problem on any given day.

“For me I will perform at any political party event or rally so far as am booked to perform and my terms and condition have been met because at the end of the day it’s business for me as an artist and performer”, Gasmilla told myradio360.com.

Secondly, he continued, I have fans across the country and at all sides of the political divide so if I’m booked to perform for my fans I will not deny any of my fans my performance.

He was however quick to add that, “I won’t put on colours party or preach any political party’s message. I am an entertainer and that is what I will do when booked; entertain”.

He said his message is for every Ghanaian is to vote for Ghana in the coming elections.

“From the parliamentary to presidential level, the person whom you know and genuinely believe can develop and make Ghana a better place, vote for him. Also, I will entreat Ghanaians not to take it personal when they see an artist performing on a political stage; specially when all the artist is seen doing is entertaining because that is one of the ways we get paid” Gasmilla admonished his funs..