Hearts Coaching Job Is A Death Trap J.E. Sarpong

Former Ghana coach J.E. Sarpong says it is only a senseless coach who will accept Hearts of Oak’s coaching job since it is a death trap.

The former Dwarfs head coach explains that the side is currently run by poor leadership who are managerially bankrupt and anyone who accepts to work with them is digging his own grave.

“No, I’ll never accept to coach Hearts. You think I am senseless? At this point in time, the club is boiling and anyone who accepts to coach them will be in trouble,” J.E Sarpong told Happy FM.

“All the coaches are running away so why do you think I should go for it? He questioned.

“Do you think I am a fool who washes his face upwards?

“During Attoquayefio’s era, Harry Zakour, Nii Ayi Bonte and Ernest Thompson were all there. But not now that the club is a death trap. I’ll not go there to meet my death,” he added.

The Odotei-Sowah led management has seen the departure but one of the technical team members including Kenichi Yatsuhashi, Yaw Preko, Nassamu Yakubu and Joe Addo.

And the veteran coach thinks the job has metamorphosed into a death trap.