NDP Heads To Court As EC Introduces 33 Fresh ‘Irregularities’

The National Democratic Party has warned it will go to court again to compel the Electoral Commission to reverse what it says are new illegal demands being made by the Commission before its nominee can qualify to contest in the presidential elections.

The EC on October 10 cited one reason as the basis for the disqualification of the party’s presidential nominee, former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings.

The reasons EC gave to disqualify Mrs Agyeman-Rawlings on Oct. 10,2016 However, the party claims the EC in a letter issued to it Monday introduced 33 new “concerns and discrepancies” which has been labelled as “irregularities”.

It said the EC is claiming there are different signatures of the subscribers on the nomination forms which ought to be corrected. But the party in a statement issued late Monday by its General Secretary, Mohammed Frimpong, described the new ‘discovery’ by the EC as absurd, and an agenda to disqualify the party’s nominee from contesting in the December 7 elections. “This is not right. This cannot be legal.

This is a clear violation of our human rights,” the statement said, adding, “We reject this trick of the EC. We reject this clear attempt at victimisation by the EC”.

According to the NDP, “the EC has shown its hand, that it is actuated and driven, not by a desire to deliver a world class election in Ghana, but simply to hand the presidency to a selected candidate” “We are calling upon the EC to immediately desist [from] its oppressive tactics and with immediate effect reverse this illegal demand of use; else we would have no option but to return to court,” they warned.