Bugri Naabu Converts Islam

The Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bugri Naabu, has confirmed his acceptance of Islam as his new faith and has taken the new name Abdul-Fatawu.

Chairman Bugri made the revelation following media speculations to the effect that he had converted to Islam.

Abdul-Fatawu Bugri Naabu indicated that he was deeply touched by the presence of virtually all the renowned clergies who prayed for his late daughter after her death a few days ago during her funeral.

“I was also moved by the sermon of the Mallams which hinged on life after death,” he added.

The Northern Regional Chairman has always dressed as a Muslim and had profound belief in the Holy Koran. The Holy Koran, he stated, is always recited by Mallams for him anytime he needed to pray and a sheep slaughtered even though he was not a Muslim.

Abdul- Fatawu Bugri Naabu said his conversion ceremony was witnessed by the Chief Imam of Tamale,  Alhaji Abdul- Salaam Adam,  a renowned Islamic Cleric in town, Mallam Basha and Alhaji Abdulai, Chairman, an Opinion leader in Tamale.

The conversion of Chairman Bugri to Islam has been hailed by the Muslim Community in Northern Region and also his family, some of who are already practicing Muslims.

Abdul- Fatawu Bugri Naabu has promised to perform the Hajj next year by the grace of God.

In another development, Chairman Bugri Naabu has thanked President John Dramani Mahama for sending a delegation to mourn with him during the funeral of his daughter, Azuma Bugri.

According to Abdul-Fatawu BUGRI Naabu, he was moved that the President stood with him at his period of grief and mourning. He said, “Politics should not divide us since we are one people with a common destiny”.

It must be stated that Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr Kenneth Wunjagi, led a delegation to the funeral of Bugri’s daughter in Tamale. Other members of the delegation included Ibrahim Mahama of Engineers and Planners,  a former Northern Regional Minister, Moses Mabenga, Ezanator Rawlings and Dr Mustapha Ahmed.