I Donít Like House Chores Ė Yvonne

Mrs Yvonne Nduom, wife of the flag bearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has disclosed she does not like to do house chores.

Talking about her strength and weaknesses as a person on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class 91.3FM on Tuesday November 8, she told sit in host Benjamin Akakpo “I am a bit lazy”.

“My weaknesses are taking things for granted, assuming that everyone is okay to deal with [things] and sometimes you get hurt a bit but other than that, I am basically a bit lazy in the sense that I do not like to do house work so some people could attribute that to weakness but ever since I was a child, I hated house work and it’s not my favourite thing to do but I actually like to do work, work that doesn’t involve your hands [but] cerebral sort of work and reading and analysing stuff, that’s me” she stated.

Touching on her strength Mrs Nduom said she is an empathetic person who loves to help people in need.

“I actually get along with people, very intuitive, so when I meet people I just try to find out who they are, learn a bit more about them and I think I listen a lot and by listening I get to know them …I empathise a lot too, I think I have a strength in that area where I empathise with people so I can understand their suffering, what they are going through and if there is anything that I can do for them, I do for them” she said.