"I'm Happy Kufuor Did Not Win Mo Award"- Victor Gbeho

A Former Diplomat and adviser to President John Mills on Foreign Policy, Ambassador Victor Gbeho says he is relieved that former President Kufuor was not chosen for the Mo Ibrahim Award. The award created in 2007 by Sudanese-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim, is awarded to a democratically elected former African head of state or government who has left office in the past three years. However, the five million dollar award eluded this year's four former African leaders. Former Presidents John Kufuor of Ghana, Obasanjo of Nigeria, Mbeki of South Africa and Teja Kaba of Sierrea Leone were short listed for the award but none was awarded after the prize committee failed to pencil down a winner. "The prize-giving committee could not select a winner after considering "some credible candidates," said former Botswana President Ketumile Masire, a board member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. He said the foundation "noted the progress made with governance in some African countries, while noticing with concern recent setbacks in other countries." Committee members said they could not discuss their deliberations. In an interview with Citi FM, on Friday October 23, Ambassador Gbeho said former President Kufuor does not have the credentials to win the award considering his inability to handle certain critical national issues properly “If you consider the stewardship of President Kufuor, domestic differences in the North, Vodafone deal, Mobila and so on, it is not exemplary,” he said. Ambassador Gbeho added that if the former President had won the award, it would have put a dent on the Mo Ibrahim award. “When I look at the internal situation today and the charges against the nominated Ghanaian leader and the fact that it might affect the prestige of the MO Ibrahim Award I was greatly relieved when they said that they were not going to award this year,” he said.