You Haven't Concluded Investigations And You Talk On Radio By Heart... - Baako Censures Police

Veteran Journalist, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has fired back at the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Police Service, DSP Cephas Arthur over his claims that one of Nana Addo's security personnel aimed a gun at one of the unit commanders.

According to the Police PRO, investigations by the Police indicated that "some persons were seen with weapons there and in fact somebody pointed a weapon at the commanding officer of the anti-terrorism unit and also pointed it in the air and dropped it and pointed at him, but for the maximum restraint and the extreme show of professionalism of the Police, we would have been singing a new tune this morning."

Responding to the Police report on the incident, Kweku Baako stressed that the Police are also part of the problem because the DSP Cephas Arthur's submissions after the incident only worsened the issue.

To him, DSP Cephas Arthur and the Police administration had no business pointing out to the public that one of Nana Addo's bodyguards pointed a gun to their officer.

He said such revelation was immaterial to the matter at the moment because the Police have not finished conducting investigations into the incident.

Mr. Baako expressed worry over the comments by the Police PRO, saying “the Police, themselves; they were granting needless interviews when they hadn’t finished any investigations to the extent that one of them even went out saying that the one of the bodyguards pointed a gun to a senior Police Officer. And that sound bite was taken advantage of by the other side to show how indisciplined – so to say - the bodyguards were, unprofessional they were. The Policeman threw that in there.

“He had no business doing that at that material moment. You hadn’t brought any investigation (to a close). You haven’t given us even any preliminary official statement. And you sit on the radio and talk by heart. That’s not what is expected of a professional Policeman in the wake of the incident…The Police also are part of the problem…” he added.