They Were Disqualified, Reinstated, But The PNC Would Never Win

When it comes to the People’s National Convention (PNC), it is not just the problem of leadership; the bane lies with the followership.

Although I have never met the man, I have read about Dr. Edward Mahama and followed his poltical exploits, since the late 90s, well before I even became a teenager.

A few weeks ago; I wrote an article captioned “Dr. Edward Mahama, the President Ghana, will never have”.

In that piece, I celebrated a man, who I have been following since 1996, when he first made the attempt at the presidency; this is a man whose patriotism is top- notch, despite his qualification and elitist acquaintances, he is never selfish, has never been and I doubt he will ever be, because if he was, he would have accepted to partner president, John Agyekum Kufuor, when the opportunity was presented to him.

When both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), launched their respective manifestos, the country came to a standstill, the media was overtaken by the parties, we spent weeks to discuss various aspects of the manifestos, and we still do not have enough of them.

The People’s National Convention, on Wednesday launched its manifesto at the Bolgatanga Jubilee Park in the Upper East Region on the theme: New Beginning! New Deal!! New Force!!!

The party was not able to build any momentum leading to the manifesto launch, let alone sustain it during or even after, for some Ghanaians, who desire change from the traditional two parties, i.e. the NDC and the NPP, whose economic module is practically the same.

Sometimes, one is tempted to categorize the smaller parties as jokers, who are only taking advantage of the space created by democracy.

Elections are won on ideas, ideas of political parties are mostly captured in their manifestos, it is the selling point of every serious political party, yet the PNC, sneaked out of Accra to Bolgatanga to launch its manifesto, months after other parties have launched theirs, as if they are hiding something from Ghanaians.

I am sure this article is what will inform some of my ardent readers that, the PNC has launched its manifesto.

In all this, the person who I admire most but has to bear the shame of leading a party that, has failed to market itself, it programmes and policies is Dr. Edward Nasigri Mahama.

“The PNC values industrialization; meaning that you add value to that which you produce locally. We have tried all kinds of modules to industrialized but we have failed. Countries like China and Malaysia have implemented this concept and it is working well for them and we are importing from them. it is time for the PNC to implement this module in Ghana.In some of the villages, the PNC is going to set cottage industries along growth polls meaning we will situate these factories where there are needed,” this was The General Secretary of the party, Atik Mohammed addressing the participants.

The PNC, means well for this country, but it needs to mobilize Ghanaians first, whatever policies the party espouses could well be said to be wet dreams, because there is no way, the party has any chance of implementing it.

Whiles, the PNC values industrialization, I value grassroot mobilization that is the only way the party can make any meaningful gains in its electoral fortunes and be a force to reckon with.

I saw a certain fighting spirit in the PNC, when it was disqualified by the Electoral Commission (EC), among 12 other political parties, the same energy the party expended and the mileage is missing, when it matters most.

If one thing is clear, it is that, the party wants to be on the ballot paper for the fun of it or if you may for the advancement of some individuals selfish interest. You have the arsenal, the energy to fight the EC, but not to mobilize to win an election.

I pray and hope that, the current executives will not give Dr. Edward Mahama, a disgraceful exit; it is obvious this his last attempt at the presidency, he must go out with his head high and when the history of the fourth republican dispensation is being written, it will be favourable to him.

I will give credit to, because apart from that website, I have combed other media outlets, and I can find anything remotely related to the manifesto launch, which was attended by less than 100 people.

The pictures displayed on, showed the manifesto launch was poorly attended, even the infant Progressive People’s Party (PPP) of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, at its manifesto launch, was able to mobilize a lot more people than the PNC, which has been in existence since 1992.

Dr. Hilla Liman and Dr. Edward Mahama, have toiled for nothing, their legacy is being derailed, for Dr. Mahama, right before his very own eyes.

There is this African saying that; “You do not leave a mad man with the corpse of his mother, he could eat it.”

Clearly, the PNC, will have to spend time to shore up its support base and make efforts to harness whatever goodwill may remain to rebrand the party going into the future.

The People’s National Convention will have to go through surgery and resuscitation and neither the party nor its executives, who are feasting on the party, will stay the same.

In the game of power, Trump picked fights with people he was sure he could defeat