Ampofo Ankrah Defends Nii Lante

President of Ghana Beach Soccer Association, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, has jumped to the defence of the minister of youth and sports and refuted claims that he was part of the reason the Black Stars are doing poorly.

President of the Western Regional Football Association, Kojo Yankah, claimed the minister was the main reason the Black Stars were doing poorly.

But Yaw Ampofo Ankrah claimed those assertions were way off the mark. “It’s no secret that Nii Lante wants to change something but maybe his approach to issues is not clear, and that’s not to say he has a personal agenda,” Ampofo Ankrah told Accra-based Happy FM.

“What does Nii Lante wants to achieve? I don’t think it’s down to his personal glory, so if Kojo Yankah says he’s fighting against the FA to bring down the Black Stars, I believe it’s not true,” he said on Happy FM.

“The blame-game is becoming unbearable for football advocates in this country, and I believe it will serve us well if we can stop this for us to find an amicable solution.”

“If things are not going according to the book, we need to revisit the history books and take a cue from it, if not and we continue this blame, I’m afraid to say, but we’ll not qualify.”