EDITORIAL: We Vomit Petty Kwami Sefa-Kayi

Some of the men behind the microphones on some radio stations are increasingly becoming petty by the day, exposing their disappointment that their preferred candidate did not win the 2008 Presidential elections. The leader of this group of malicious radio presenters is Mr. Kwami Sefa-Kayi, the morning show presenter on Peace FM. The man who hosts the Peace FM morning show was last week at his petty-best, when in conjunction with his friends on the Daily Guide newspaper, he sought to ridicule, discredit and destroy the founder and spiritual leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, for his internet publication that indicates that he prophesied victory for the Ghana Under 20 football team (the Black Satellites). In his haste to destroy the reputation of the Man of God who is a friend of the sitting Ghanaian President, he on Monday set into motion a hate-campaign, by falsely announcing that Prophet T.B Joshua has claimed that he is the brain behind the Satellites’ victory. Kwami Sefa-Kayi repeated this lie throughout the week and incited the general public against the Nigerian-based Prophet. In a week that his darling President Kufuor lost out on the biggest honour they ever dreamt of, (Mo Ibrahim award) Sefa-Kayi, in a wonderful collaboration with the Daily Guide newspaper made the President’s Pastor-friend the topic for discussion. The coach of the victorious Black Satellites, Coach Sellas Tetteh, came out and confessed that indeed he was in constant touch with a number of people, among them were men of God, including Prophet T.B Joshua. Coach Sellas Tetteh clearly stated that he was in touch with Prophet T.B Joshua before and during the match. Nevertheless, the obvious ‘hate T.B Joshua campaign chief’ went on with his diabolic remarks. Before he signed-off his programme last Thursday morning, Kwame Sefa-Kayi and his Opanyin Agyekum panelist falsely declared that Coach Sellas Tetteh had made statements to the effect that he (the coach) was not in charge of the team and rather it was T.B Joshua who was handling the team and was taking decisions as to who to play and how the team plays. For us on The Informer newspaper, this pure vindictiveness and ugly enmity for the man of God, on the part of Mr. Kwami Sefa-Kayi and his friends, is only a microcosm of the hate campaign that they plan to unleash on friends of President Mills and other members of the NDC. Clearly they have started his campaign on a wrong note by falsely accusing the man of God, who never said that he was the brain behind the team’s victory. Kwame boldly said on the Tuesday that the Prophet has lied about speaking to the coach. Rather it turned out that he Kwami lied on that occasion. For lying on the Man of God, he has obviously touched an eye of Jehovah the most high and will not go unpunished. “He who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad,” so the old Nigerian proverb goes. Surely Kwame and his friends have done their worse, by succeeding in leading another Ghana-based man of God to speak devilish against the Nigerian. The word “conman” became their trump-card vocabulary for the week, after one Bishop Mathew Addae Mensah of Gospel Light International Light was reported by the same Daily guide to have used that word in describing the Prophet T.B Joshua. The Informer therefore wants to ask, is it the first time that a man of God has been reported or published to have contributed to the success of a Ghanaian team? In 1991, Ghanaians saw the big show that the Under 17 national Team went to do at the Akoa-Isaac prayer camp in the Central Region. That man of God was described as the Spiritual Leader who guided the Black Starlets. He instantly became a National icon. Where was Kwami Sefa-Kayi, Daily Guide and their friends? Or is it because T.B Joshua is not a Ghanaian? Or it is because he decided to record his prophecies and publish them as such? Many Ghanaians and friends of Ghana pray whenever the country is being represented on an international scale. So when the Black Stars qualified for the world Cup in 2006, what did Kwami Sefa-Kayi say about the then Minister of Sports, who claimed to be the ‘Oyadieyie’. Kwami was all over him then, hailing him as the man with the ‘Midas touch’ and took up the function of interviewing Osafo Marfo severally on his morning show, on TV and that not enough, created a special afternoon programme on his Peace FM channel to that effect. So what is this? Mr. Kwami Sefa-Kayi. Today we encourage every God-fearing Ghanaian to shun this presenter and his likes, who are on this hate-campaign. They are increasingly becoming petty by the day. Ghanaians prayed and predicted victory. The man of God in Nigeria also prayed and prophesied victory. God has listened to us all. This is a fact. Glory be to God Almighty for answering our prayers.