We Will Chant Mahama Out Of Gov't - NPP

Spokesperson for the New Patriotic Party flagbearer turned the New Patriotic Party Upper West Regional rally, a major political event into a solemn Islamic chant, praying for the invincible hand of Allah to lead a change in government.

Mustapha Hamid said the government in an unfettered show of power and opulence has bought all the media airwaves and the conscience of individuals all in a desperate move to retain power.

However, he maintained the ruling government cannot buy the conscience of Allah.

"They have all the money. They have bought all the television stations, they've bought radio stations, they've bought everybody but they cannot buy the Almighty Allah," he told a tumultuous crowd of NPP faithful.

Leading a chant of la ilaha illallah, meaning "there is no deity but God," Hamid said he and the New Patriotic Party supporters will chant John Mahama out of government.

The party rounded off its political activity in the Upper West Region, Wednesday with a well attended rally, with some 13 days to go for the 2016 elections.

All the party bigwigs, including the presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo and his Running mate Dr Mahamudu Bawumia all attending.

Mustapha Hamid and other leaders of the party took turns to excite the crowd with their messages and change rhetorics before the flagbearer took over the podium, accusing the president of lacking an understanding of the tenets of democracy.

He did not understand why the president must criticise him for begging for votes.

"This president doesn't understand what democracy is all about. Democracy means the power is in the people of Ghana. You are the people who wield the sovereign power of our nation and if I am seeking on your behalf to exercise that power for your welfare do i not have to plead with you? he asked the excited crowd.

"I will plead and plead and plead. I will never stop pleading," he said, adding he will never abuse the confidence the people will repose in him if voted into office.

"...I am not coming to steal the money of the people into my pocket. That is not why I am coming into politics.

"We are coming to do a job of our country to use the little brains, strenght and intelligence to push the country forward to get jobs and make progress in our country.

He said the Upper West Region is home to the NPP and has produced outstanding Ghanaians who gave it their lives for the great NPP tradition and for the development of the country.

"Help me. I need your help so that we can build this new Ghana that we have ahead of us and you are going to be the greatest beneficiaries.

"The future of nation is bright. The prospects of Ghana are tremendous. What it needs is good leadership, honest leadership visionary leadership and we can put it all together and create for ourselves a prosperous and great nation.