I Still Love Rawlings Lady Tamara

Popular and controversial business woman, Lady Tamara has spoken passionately about her affection for former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Lady Tamara who is a queen mother with the stool name Nana Esi Koree I, Nkosuohemaa of Akuapim Guan, has been interacting with host of 3FM Sunrise, Winston Amoah. Asked about age-old rumours that she had an affair with the former President, Lady Tamara replied that it was her greatest wish.

“He is the one who made most Ghanaians abroad come home. Most of the Ghanaians who came home to establish some sort of business did so because of him. But now most of us want to go back because of the current hardships.

“I love him so much; he made me what I am today. He advised most of us to come home and invest, we did and saw results. I was so in love with him I would have loved to date and even marry him”.

Asked whether she was ever warned by the former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings because of her friendship with President Rawlings, she snapped.

“No! She never did; but that would mean she would have had to warn all the market women in Accra who admired and equally loved the former President and called him ‘Rolex’, ‘Rolex’ because they couldn’t even mention his name Rawlings properly (because of their level of education).

“She would also have the uphill task of warning all the boys at Kawukude for their admiration and obsession for the man. Rawlings is simply adorable. Till today I still love him and no one can stop me from loving him”, she reiterated.