Woyome Would’ve Blown NDC’s Cover – Amidu

Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu has issued yet another scathing attack on the Mahama-led Administration saying it is fighting his oral examination of embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome because of its complicity in the controversial GHc51 million judgment debt case.

According to him, huge sums of monies were paid to senior members of government who would have been named if the examination had proceeded today [Thursday].

“As I said this Woyome case is so dear to me having suffered to get this thing from the Republic but the way I see it the only way we can get the money is to get this president out.

Because consistently he had the muscle to do it and if I had examined Woyome he would see what I mean, when I say he and his government are complicit,” Amidu said in an exclusive interview with Citi News’ Umaru Sanda Amadu.

Lawyers of Woyome filed an application at the Supreme Court seeking to suspend the court’s earlier decision to allow Martin Amidu to orally examine him. But the court adjourned hearing of the case to December 1, 2016 because parties to the case — the Attorney General and Amidu received the application late.

Meanwhile Mr. Amidu in the interview argued that today’s judgment is yet another attempt by the John Mahama-led government to deny Ghanaians the 51 million Cedis.

“There are abundant things I could have asked in cross-examination, the guy would not have denied it and that is why it is dangerous for them to allow me to examine him before 7th December.”

“There was even an instance in which a 100,000 cheque was given by Woyome when President Mills was traveling abroad. I won’t mention the name when I cross examine you would know. He signed the cheque and the endorsement of the cheque will show you who cashed it,” he added.

Martin Amidu further reiterated his call on Ghanaians to vote against President John Mahama on December 7 saying that is the only way the GHc51 million cash could be retrieved from Woyome.

“The fingers of the president are not seen on this document but his reaction to the application for examination clearly shows that he has a vested interest and if you follow Woyome’s outburst in media…he was strongly supporting the president. So there is no doubt that they are working in cohort.”

He also explained that though government was against the oral examination, they allowed Woyome to file an application to have it stopped to divert attention.

“It will be embarrassing for the government if they file an application because the whole public will know that after all they didn’t want to collect the money so their surrogates file it but the Attorney General’s office was in court tele-guiding things unethical lawyers do,” he added.