"Stop Confusing Ghanaians" - Bishop Fidel Owusu Tells Men Of God

There is confusion and chaos as some so to speak persons that stand in the corridors of God in the name of pastors, prophets and spiritual people try to speak into the elections of Ghana and across the world.

When it comes to decision taking as to who would lead a nation, let us not forget that it takes only God to decide on who He is going to appoint to lead a nation. We are per the constitutional mandate, given the right to vote but as to who comes out victorious, is in the hands of God. Therefore let every man of God desist from the act of granting interviews and going right ahead to throw challenges; prophesying that XYZ party is going to win and ABC party is going to lose and there is going to be death, et cetera. Please let us know that there is reverence attached to the calling to which God has given to us [men of God] and as such, we must be able to carry ourselves appropriately.
We are creating fear and panic in the lives of the people of Ghana and in such a situation, know and understand my colleague minister of God that an escalation of this would cause you to be found wanting if there comes an uproar in Ghana: your church will not even be in existence for you to have the opportunity to prophesy.

When you read the Bible very well, you would come to understand that there are so many instances where the Lord's prophecies that came through his servants have been turned because of sacrifice. 2Kings Chapter 3 speaks of how the people of Moab rebelled against the King of Israel. Instead of them to give Israel their share of the booty [or sacrifice], they refused to do it. So Bible says that Israel, Judah and Edom united to fight Moab. Automatically in the lenses of men, one would predict that the three nations are going to win even when God has not spoken. However, scripture says that when they had made a circuitous march through the deserts of Edom to attack Moab, they got stranded at a point. Desperate to hear the voice of God on this matter, Prophet Elisha was implored by these three kings and he prophesied that ‘God shall deliver the Moabites into their [Israel and the two other nations] hand’, meaning victory for Israel.

Truly, what the Lord had said was coming to pass, until something happened. When the prophet spoke, scripture says that in the morning they gave a meat offering unto the Lord and there was water for them to satisfy their thirst and to even take care of their camels. The Israelites rose and struck the Moabites till they fled before them but when the king of Moab saw that the battle was going against him, he took his oldest son who was to reign in his place and offered him for a burnt offering. Immediately, Bible says that there was a great indignation among Israel; they started fighting among themselves and fled eventually.

Does this mean that the prophecy that the Prophet Elisha gave was untrue?

It was true but another man stood and gave an offering that was far greater than the offering that the people of Israel gave and God changed His mind.

Consequently, if any pastor, prophet or spiritual person thinks that God has given him a word about any political party, I humbly request that he should not let the rest of us [citizens] know. He should make it known to that political party that the Lord has spoken to him about and ask them to do what is right according to the principles of God instead of saying things that cause fear and panic on media platforms.

It is paramount that flag bearers of all the political parties get to know the ways of God and do His will. It is through this that the appointment as leader of this great Nation would be in their favor.

I would therefore implore men of God to desist from confusing the citizens of Ghana, degrading the value of God and making a mockery of Christianity and Priesthood in the process. This appeal is for all to allow God to be God and understand that any nation and its rulership is in His hands; He can decide to change His mind at any time about who will be President of  Ghana.

Let men of God behave as men who are called to preach and speak the mind of God and not confuse people with prophecy. May the Lord bless us all

A charge to keep I have, a God to glorify…Long live Ghana!