Komenda Sugar Factory Starts Production Today

The Management of Komenda Sugar Development Company Limited says it will start commercial production today.

Mr Ransford Vanni-Amoah, Director of Communications & Strategy of the company, said consumers will start patronising the Made in Ghana sugar by the end of the year, 2016.

He explained that the sugar factory, which went through series of test run between May 30th and June 30th, 2016, has come to stay and it is important to give hope to all sugarcane farmers within the catchment area and the sugar consumers in Ghana.

“The test run was to enable the machines to be tested and also enable some of the operational staff, have a better understanding about the operations of the sugar processing plant.

“We also want to use this opportunity to call on sugarcane farmers within 100 kilometers radius or six hours drive of the Sugar Factory to arrange to sell their sugarcanes to the factory to enable it to go into full production.

“The Community Relations and Canes Departments of the factory have concluded the sensitisation and community education programmes in various communities within our catchment area to give necessary information and encouragement to farmers who wish to work with us,” he added.

Mr Vanni-Amoah said Komenda Sugar Development Company and its stakeholders have come out with a proposed competitive price for the purchase of sugar cane to feed the factory.

He said called on sugarcane farmers who cultivate B41227 and B36464, which are the required varieties and whose canes can reach the factory within six hours of cutting, to contact them for further discussion.

He explained that the company has accredited agents who would be working with the Canes Department of the company to supply the sugarcanes to the factory and urged the sugarcane farmers to deal with their accredited agents without any doubt.

“The company is entreating existing sugar cane farmers and new farmers to see the opening of the Komenda Sugar Development Company as an opportunity to expand and cultivate more sugar cane not only to feed the factory, but to enhance their living conditions.

“Farmers are, therefore, being advised to plant sugarcane in wider row to maintain optimum population.

“The opening of the Komenda Sugar factory would also benefit local distilleries immensely since they can also get their molasses which has higher alcoholic content and also cheaper from the factory, thereby saving them from using local methods to ferment the cane juice,” he added.

Mr Vanni-Amoah said aside from the numerous youth who would be employed to work in the company; farmers stand the chance to benefit immensely from the factory.

He noted that some of the benefits to farmers would include supply of new variety of sugar cane plants, and an exposure to best agricultural practices. “Equally, with the new price, it will eliminate the old system where there was no standard price and even in some instances prices vary from time to time and farmer to farmer.

“Komenda Sugar Development Company seeks to help out grower farmers to develop commercial variety of sugarcane for sale to the factory” he added.

Mr Vanni-Amoah stated that the company would work mostly with registered out grower farmers, encourage the formation of co-operatives, assist farmers to acquire loan facilities to prepare their lands (Ploughing, Harrowing, Ridging etc), provide loan facility for farm maintenance (weed control, detrashing, propping etc) and provide fertilizer at subsidized prices for sugarcane farmers.

In addition, he said there would be free extension services for all sugarcane farmers under the company’s out grower programme, buy sugarcane at competitive price, loan repayment shall be spread over a period of time determined by the company, farmers under out grower programme shall sell their canes solely to Komenda Sugar Development Company, complains, enquiries and suggestions about the cane developments should be addressed to the Cane Department as well as awards will be given to deserving farmers a determined by the Cane Department.