I Don't Fight for Positions and Titles - Gifty Anti

TV personality Gifty Anti has told This Is Gospel entertainment show host, Franky5 that it has been her dream to own a production company.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Oheneyere disclosed that she is not an individual who is interested in many titles just to show how prominent she is in an environment.

This was a reply to accusation that she said goodbye to GBC when the organisation failed to promote her to be the acting director.

According to her, she rejected many offers because she was not willing to take those spots. She revealed that some people prophesied she would work at BBC and CNN but she told them she was not interested in those offers.

The Standpoint host added that she told those people that she wants to be in Ghana and make due diligence to her job.

“I didn’t leave GBC because I was not given acting director. Even when I’m asked to act as show editor, I sit at where I usually sit but will not go and sit in the editor’s chair until I’m properly made a show editor.

I don’t fight for positions. I always want to have my peace of mind at wherever I am. Even when I was having my masters people were saying I see you going to work for BBC and CNN and I told them I wanted to be in Ghana but no anywhere else.

It has always been my dream to have my own private production company so everything I did was working towards that.

Being director general or acting director general has never been part of my dream. I remember the then director of TV asked me to apply to be a channel director but I told him I’m not interested.

I won’t do anything that will take me away from the Standpoint program I’m currently hosting” Gifty Anti told Franky5 on Hitz FM’s This Is Gospel entertainment show.