NPP’s Diversionary Tactics Won’t Stop President Mahama From Winning – Young Cadres

At the final moments of the 2016 electioneering campaign when all parties should be deploying their best arsenals to win over undecided voters, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), sensing defeat, has taken political decency a notch lower and sprung up what could best be described as the most ridiculous story in the 2016 electioneering season.  The party is now clinging to straws and would not hesitate to jump on the pettiest of issues to raise hell.

For most people who have followed the history of NPP, such diabolical Machiavellian tactics are not new to NPP. Indeed, that is their stock in trade and they are masters at it. They can do anything, and they even went to the extent of importing dead bodies from Togo and dumping same on the streets of Accra during the 2000 elections with a view to instilling fear in  the public and stirring public anger against the then Rawlings government.

To the many lies they have peddled all throughout this campaign season, they have added the most ludicrous of them all – President Mahama and his brother Ibrahim bribing a wimp like Bugri Naabu to malign the NPP’s sick septuagenarian flagbearer! Whatever happened to the intelligence of the so-called elitist party that NPP has become known for?

If Mustapha Hamid, the alleged thief, and his team of unintelligent desperadoes had taken just a bit of time to analyze their so-called airtight evidence before coming out, they would have realized the gaping holes and flaws in the case they presented to the public.

We, the executives of the Young Cadres Association (YCA) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would want to put a few questions to the NPP:

a. Whoever engages in such underhand dealings and leaves a trail of all these paper works?

b. How did we have Bugri Naabu’s passport-sized pictures on the registration documents? Does that mean he willingly accepted the bribe and only had a change of mind after his party had found out?

c. Why did Bugri Naabu deposit the said GHC 500,000 into his Prudential bank account when indeed, the most appropriate place to go was the police station?

d. Why on God’s earth will President Mahama of such high repute, resort to such tactics to win over Bugri Naabu, a non-entity even in the disorganized NPP?

e. Why would a winning party commit such huge sums to bring a useless fly like Bugri Naabu into its fold?

Now, granted a whopping GHC 500,000 was dashed to the non-performing Bugri Naadu just to defect the NDC, we the Young Cadres are calling on the NPP to return the money to the NDC. We do not want to believe that the said money has already been used to run the failing campaign of the NPP.

Having surveyed the terrain and realized that there is no way they could win this year’s elections, the NPP is deploying its trump card – lies!

But unfortunately, these deliberately concocted lies would not stop the NDC from winning this year’s elections; they would not stop President Mahama from commissioning all these humongous infrastructure projects whose very undertaking have endeared him so much to the people; and they would definitely not stop the 74 year old Akuffo Addo and his impulsive lying Bawumia from losing this elections!

Long Live Ghana
Long Live NDC
Long Live Young Cadres Association

Bright Botchway
General Secretary
Young Cadres Association

Mubarak Watara
Young Cadres Association