‘Let’s Have One-Term Tenure For Presidency’

A medical practitioner, Dr John Kofi Mensah, has suggested the adoption of a one-term six-year presidential tenure instead of the current two four-year terms.

He said the one term six-year tenure would help presidential candidates to  implement the policies in their manifestoes.
Extension of tenure

At the launch of a book, “Dispensation of Influence” in Accra last week Sunday, Dr Mensah said, “There should be an amendment to the Constitution for the presidential tenure to be extended so that at the end of their term, no one will have an excuse to bid for a second term for not being able to implement their promises.”

He said the four-year term appeared to be a very short period for the presidential candidates to complete their policies.  This, he said, would avoid the situation where governments refuse to continue projects started by their predecessors, adding that that would be to the benefit of the country.  

About the book

The author of the book, Bishop Justice Bentil, who is also the Presiding Bishop of the Kingdom Power Family International (KPLI), said the book encouraged Christians to take up leadership roles because he realised that most Christians shied away from holding public office, although they had the potential to perform better. 

“Most Christians do not want to hold positions because they feel it would diminish their anointing or draw them away from God but that is not the case. God called all of us for a special purpose and maybe holding a public position is your calling,” he noted. 

Addressing the congregation, Bishop Bentil explained that there were three types of power systems, which he named as monarchy, theocracy and democracy. “In a monarchy, the power is with the king and with theocracy, the power is with God but unfortunately in Ghana, some pastors do not understand the difference between prophecy and predication and they tend to cause tension among the electorate with their claimed prophecies,” he stated.

The power of vote

He said Ghana practised democracy, which meant that the people had the power to elect leaders by voting for someone to rule over them. This means they have entrusted their lifetime decisions into the person’s hand.

Bishop Bentil said the word ‘vote’ originated from the Latin word “votrum”, which means to sacrifice, adding that it was an annual sacrifice made by the people to a god to entrust their lives to the god for protection.