Change in Government Would Not Affect Tema Ports Extension - Director Of Tema Ports

The Director for the Tema Ports, Mr. David Adokor has pledged that the current work expansion at the ports cannot come to an end due to the change in government.

Speaking in interview with CITI FM news, he stated the project was a public private partnership [PPP] between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority [GPHA] and the Meridian Port Services [MPS], therefore the compromised agreement will not allow the contract to be terminated.

“The Port expansion project is going on and it will go on because it is a PPP project. MPS is a private company of which GPHA is only a shareholder in that private company. Moreover, MPS is financing the project through the International Finance Company, so there is no way that that project will not go on. So as you can see the project is going on and the change of government will not affect”

He continued, “The concession agreement which we have drawn would not permit the project to be stopped because when you do that then Ghana cannot even carry the consequences that would arise from this”.