Nduom: Presidents Must Pay Tax (VIDEO)

Ghana’s constitution must be amended to make presidents pay taxes to the state to set good examples for other citizens to follow, the founder of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has admonished.

Even before President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo is sworn into office, Dr Nduom has outlined some key reforms he believes must be amended to aid the country’s development.

One of such amendments is the law that exempts the president of Ghana from paying taxes.

Dr Nduom, who was speaking at a press conference in Accra on Thursday, December 29, 2016, suggested: “Article 68 Section 5 of the 1992 Constitution exempts the president from paying tax, but this is wrong.”

For him, the president and the vice president should pay income tax.

He said a review of this law will grant “the president the moral authority to go after tax evaders, whether they are appointees of the president or ordinary citizens”.

Watch video of the press conference below: