Consider Kwahus For Positions Kwahu Chiefs Beg Akufo-Addo

Nana Somuah Mireku Nyampong III, the Chief of Kwahu Asakraka, has asked the President-elect, Nana Akufo-Addo, to consider appointing citizens of Kwahu in his government.

The Chief made the appeal when the president-elect visited the area as part of his thank you tour of the Eastern Region.

Nana Somuah Mireku Nyampong III, who spoke on behalf of the Kwahu Traditional Council, said their appeal is necessary because they have stood by the NPP over the years.

“Kwahuman has never disappointed, rejected or neglected the NPP party ever, we have been loyal to the NPP party over the years and we will continue to stay loyal. So Nana Addo, if we have voted you into office please turn to us and consider the people of Kwahu.”

“…We have a lot of young intelligent, energetic graduates and academicians who come from Kwahu in this country. Mr President-elect please consider our children in your ministerial and presidential appointments, when the time comes because we the Kwahus have lacked citizens in government positions even though we have remained loyal to the NPP for so many years. Award Okwahuman by making some of our children presidential staffers and we will forever be grateful,” he added.

Construct our roads too

The Chief also requested for the construction of roads and a bridge on the Afram Plains River.

On his part, Akufo-Addo thanked the people of Kwahu for supporting him. He also assured them he will ffulfill promises he made to them during his campaign tour of the Eastern Region.

“The NPP is for the people of Kwahu, Nananom be patient for your government is in power now, with your help, support and prayers we will go through with the one district one factory policy as soon as possible to bring jobs to the youth. Bawumia and myself will bring smiles back to the people again and Ghanaians will be happy for we have the manpower, expertise and resources in this country, to do all what we have promised,” he added.