RLG Statement On Digibox Contract Publications

The attention of Rlg Communications has been drawn to media publications about a contract between the Ministry of Communications (MOC) and RLG Communications Ltd and wishes to respond as follows:

1. The assertion that the outgoing government was “. colluding with RLG Communications to dupe the state …” in the said contract is mischievous and unprofessional on the part of the persons behind the publication and the company takes strong exception to this statement.

2. The company went through the vigorous bidding process and is convinced it won it genuinely based on many factors including track record, having executed similar project for the Nigerian government.

3. The company, having executed different projects for different governments in Ghana since the first NPP regime sees the latest contract as a fresh start to support a new government desirous of scaling up the country’s development using the private sector and to also create jobs for a teaming unemployed youth. The project is intended to generate some 5,000 direct and indirect jobs for skilled youth.

4. The project will require the company to create mini factories in some parts of the country to produce the set-up boxes, an agenda which sits squarely in the one district, one factory initiative of the new government.

5. On the issue of advance payment, we did not think it was illegal to make a request for it, subject to the necessary scrutiny, due diligence and approval by the institution granting the contract. In any case, no money has been paid at the time of this statement. We are a law-abiding company and therefore wishes to assure the public that we will not engage in anything fraudulent or illegal.


Corporate Affairs Department

January 5, 2017.



The Legal Team,

Landmark Legal,