America Needs To Apologize To Ghana

Indeed, wonders never cease. Just about two weeks ago, the New York State Senate honored Ghana's first Prime minster Dr. Kwame Nkrumah with a legislative resolution. This resolution was proposed and led by a New York senator by the name of Bill Perkins. Ironically, the legislative body paused in its deliberations to celebrate the 100th Birthday of our late president. But more importantly, to acknowledge the late president's contributions to Pan-Africanism. Indeed, I wondered why this gesture from the United States all of the sudden. And why now? Because really, nobody could dispute the fact that, had it not been for the United States government's interference in our national policies, Ghana would've been a very powerful industrialized nation by now. Therefore, in my opinion, the United states owes Nkrumah more than an acknowledgment. The United States owes both Dr Nkrumah, and Ghana an apology for the evils which they have done unto us. When our late president Nkrumah decided after a careful deliberation that, Ghana with both her multi-ethnicities and tribes would be better served under a one party system, strong was the objection to this notion. This notion was considered undemocratic. To many people, democracy meant multipartyism. However, little did they understood that multipartyism in a multi-ethnic country like Ghana, if not careful, could lead to civil unrest or war. Especially, if these various ethnic tribes and groups are divided by ethnic status-due to wealth and power. Therefore, to prevent the country from such an undesirable fate, it would be best if the country didn't vote at all. But instead of voting opt for a government, which would prioritize the collective interests of all Ghanaians-irrespective of their ethnic background or tribe. Once again, this move by Dr Nkrumah was misconstrued by the so called democrats as something dictatorial. Hence, the collaboration of the United States government with the traitor sergeant Afrifa, which ousted Nkrumah's government. But then you ask; why would the United States, the mother of our modern day democracy collaborate with a coupist to oust a democratically elected president? Well, the answer to this question is this. It's because, the United States is not and never was a true believer of democracy, let alone be considered a true democratic country. The United States is an opportunistic imperialistic regime, which talks the talk of democracy. Sadly enough, the United States doesn't quite walk this talk at all. It's also worth mentioning that, the reason why the United States participated in the 1966 coup d'etat was to halt the socialist ideology, which the influential Dr Nkrumah was pursuing from spreading across the African continent. Moreover, the United States recognized that, should socialism succeed in Africa, America would lose her imperialistic grip and overall interests on the African continent to the former Soviet Union. Therefore, it has to be said that, the United States involvement in the toppling of our first democratically elected president, had nothing to do whatsoever with the best interests of Ghana or indeed her people. But rather to serve the selfish interests of imperialistic America. Today Ghana's multipartyism, more than anything else, is ethnically driven and centered. The people vote for political parties, which they have either a tribal or ethnic affiliation. This type of voting can never have the best interests of the country at heart. And why? you ask. It's because, this type of voting promotes unnecessary ethnic illusion of power of one ethnic group over the other. For instance, we all do know that most supporters affiliated with the NDC party are mostly non Akans. It could also be confirmed that most Akans tend to vote for the NPP party. This trend, should it continue, could lead us into civil war one day. And all because, this form of ethnic division, if provoked by politics, could dump the country into an inferno. Hence, the need for the coalition of all the various political parties in Ghana under One absolute party, which would prioritize the best interests of every child of Ghana. Because really, a people divided are more or less defeated.