Reducing The Unemployment Gap In The Health Sector...

....C4C Homeopathic Hospital Brings Sucour To Ghanaian Youth

It is refreshing and a big sigh of relief for a private company to decide to lift off the burden of government in the area of employment. Unemployment in every society is a potential national security threat, as if not checked or nipped in the bud, could be a potential risk. It exposes the youth thread bare to the vagaries of social vices.

The health sector in recent years has been bedeviled with the challenge of retention of potentially high quality man power. Its is even more disheartening that, there has been a backlog of health graduates who have gone through the rudiments of schooling and ready to serve the nation and yet the government purse cannot support their employment.

Quite a disturbing spectacle is also the challenge of sustaining the payment of those already in employment. This development has always posed a dangerous challenge in attracting high caliber manpower in the health sector. 

It is against this debilitating challenge in the health sector that C4C Homeopathic Hospital through its 7 branches in the country is patterning Government in recruiting about 2000 workers into the  homeopathic healthcare by given additional training in homeopathic healthcare  and medicine to Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants, Medical Doctors, Alternative Medical Practitioners and Assistants, Medical Herbalists etc. into the mainstream and it is instructive to note that this initiative is at the behest of the C4C Homeopathic Hospital.

The recruitment of Health Personnel into the schools project is a Public Private Partnership between the C4C, Ghana Education Service and the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG). The project would see to it that the Health personnel are sent to the selected Senior High Schools under GES, C4C Homeopathic Hospitals in the various Regions and Districts which is upcoming.

All conditions of service for the health personnel would be borne by C4C GROUP OF COMPANIES. This move would go a long way to mitigate the backlog of health personnel and to reduce the unemployment challenge in the health sector. The project would also address the health needs of students of the senior schools using Homeopathic Medicine in support of the allopathic treatment given already.

In a related development, C4C Homeopathic Hospital has devised a Health Insurance policy which has been fashioned to mitigate the financial health challenges of ordinary Ghanaians. There is a growing concern about the challenges bedeviling the country’s national Health Insurance Scheme as many pundits have expressed disquiet about the effectiveness of the Health Insurance Scheme of the country.

It must be noted that that the mere collapse of the NHIS could have dire consequences of the current Health system. There is therefore the need for such private initiatives to be encouraged to serve as a buffer to complement efforts of the government in providing health care needs of the people.

The C4C Health Insurance scheme is designed specifically as a one stock shop of all medical needs and it comes by making onetime payment, renewable yearly.