I Know I am Very Stupid And A Fool: Mr. Beautiful

It is rare for people to say publicly how stupid they are. John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, is undeniably one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters. He is a multi-talented idiot, as he chose to describe himself. He is on records as the first actor to come out publicly to call himself stupid and that his grandfather impacted that stupidity into him, because his grandfather has everything that can make people laugh. Over here in Ghana, Clement Bonney known in showbiz circles as Mr. Beautiful has followed in the footsteps of the Nigerian comedian by declaring “I know am a very stupid and a fool”. He said this in the studios of TV Africa during a discussion to introduce the contestants of 'Just Like You' reality show, which will be telecast on the same network. His explosion nearly brought the show to an abrupt end, as hosts Yaw Sakyi and Fiifi Banson, another brain behind the show, including the 13 contestants couldn’t help but laughed occasionally. Mr. Beautiful who recently was in the newspapers as a possible threat to Agya Koo, will be the moderator of TV Africa’s new reality show ‘Just Like You’. He earned the name Mr. Beautiful from the movie Sika Anibre in which he starred alongside Agya Koo, he has done several movies after but came in the limelight in his role in a hilarious Kinapharma APC TV commercial.