Calm Returns To Sokode-Ando

Calm has returned to Sokode-Ando in the Ho municipality of the Volta Region after violent clashes between the residents of the area and nomadic herdsmen on Wednesday.

There were clashes between the Fulani herdsmen and the Sokode-Ando residents after the latter had accused the former of killing a resident on a farm. The residents also complained of the nomads’ random movement of cattle from one location to another, which often resulted in the destruction of their farm lands and crops.

Last Wednesday’s confrontation resulted in the injury of two police officers who were protecting the herdsmen from angry residents.

The residents, reportedly wielding cutlasses and guns, managed to seize three riffles from the police officers and have threatened to drive away all Fulani herdsmen from the community.

When DAILY GUIDE arrived at the scene last Wednesday evening, tension was high as residents could be seen clad in red apparels, bands and head gears. Others were also seen in traditional war gears and ornaments to show how furious they were.

They sacked journalists from the scene and all persons seen using their smart phones to take snapshots or even make calls were warned to stop else their gadgets would be seized. It took some time of dialoging with the police and the assembly to calm down tempers.

However, calm has since returned to the area after a mediation team sent by the Ho Municipal Assembly and the police to engage the residents and the Fulanis in a dialogue managed to resolve the issues.

A police source told DAILY GUIDE that a SWAT team had been deployed to the area to protect lives and property. According to the source, the seized rifles had been retrieved by the SWAT team after meeting with opinion and traditional leaders of Sokode-Ando.