Dan Botwe Justifies Creation Of New Regions

The creation of new regions in Ghana will enhance the economic opportunities as well as promote effective governance, the minister-nominee for Regional reorganization Dan Botwe has said.

According to him, the creation of new regions by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government was not for political advantage but help ensure even distribution of development across the country.

Appearing before Parliament’s Appointments Committee on Monday [January 30] Dan Botwe showed how the division of the new region using the Ghana map.

” It should be clear to us that some of the things politicians do in creating areas for political advantage is very temporal. He said the NPP created new constituencies and yet lost them later in elections. The NDC also created 45 new ones and also later lost the political advantage. The real issue should be development-led creation of districts and constituencies and not politics-led demarcations,” he said.

He told the committee that he believes the implementation of the plan will be easier considering the fact that the previous government who are now in opposition had also considered the split some of the country’s regions.

He pledged to closely work with chiefs and traditional authority to ensure the project was successful.

“I feel I’m lucky to be heading this ministry because it looks like there is a meeting of minds on this area. The NDC mentioned it  in their manifesto and the NPP and the President also believe there is the need to create more regions, so we all agree with this,” he said.

Dan Botwe insisted that although his duty is an expensive venture, its must not be abandoned, because it has many advantages to the beneficiary regions.

Dan Botwe noted that all new regions will get various state development vehicles such as Regional Coordinating Councils and a regional house of chiefs to guide the region’s development.

“A new region means several state institutions will have to be created such as  Police, Fire Service, health posts and all these generate jobs and enhance development.”