Ministerial Vetting a ‘Lame-Duck Process’ – Casely Hayford

Financial Analyst Sydney Casely Hayford, believes Parliament is only paying lip service with the vetting of ministerial nominees by its Appointments Committee.

Speaking on The Big Issue, he described the ongoing vetting as a ‘lame-duck’ process that hardly ever results in anyone being rejected after going through the process. “What I think is that, we are going through a lame-duck process with this vetting.
This vetting that we are doing and pretending like we are posing interesting questions is just a lame-duck exercise which has never resulted in anything.”
“When you are on that deck and you are giving answers, you have a choice, you can either be yourself, speak your mind and let the chips fall where they may or you can be diplomatic enough and play the tomfoolery and say what they want to hear in order to pass through.”
“The fact of the matter is that, we are having the vetting and the Minority always goes one side and the Majority always go the other side, and you have a lame-duck situation and you are wasting everybody’s time because nobody is making any progress and then nothing has changed,”
Mr. Casely Hayford said. He noted further that, the vetting was not exposing the nominated persons with some of the questions coming off, describing them as distasteful just as the answers.
“Things like this are unbecoming of parliament of modern systems,” he said.
According to Mr. Casely Hayford, “when you look at the questions they are asking, Parliament is still stuck in some old-fashioned notion that everything we do should still be supported by the state apparatus.”