Appoint Dr. Rauf As FDA Boss Or Forget Zongo” - NPP Zongo Youth

An affiliate group of the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP Zongo Youth is calling on President Akufo Addo to appoint the party’s Ashanti Regional Vice Chairman as Chief Executive for the Food and Drugs Authority or forget about Zongo.

According to NPP Zongo Youth, consultations at the top levels of the party and government have concluded on Dr. Abdul Rauf Abdul Mumin as Chief Executive for Food and Drugs Authority, (FDA).

The group is however disappointed some powerful forces are secretly working to overturn the nomination of Dr. Abdul Rauf for the top job at the FDA.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Abdul Mumin, a medical practitioner has served the party in various capacities until his recent portfolio as Vice Chairman in the Ashanti Region.

In a statement, the group said ”the President should appoint personalities who have always touched base with the grassroots and have worked very hard to bring the party to power.”

According to them, a Muslim from the Ashanti Region needs special attention for appointment in government to compliment President Akufo Addo’s commitment to empower Zongo communities for which reason a ministry has been established to that effect.

“It is our belief that people will not look at our appeal with tribal lenses but for the social good of Ghana” they added.

Information gathered by indicates that trouble is brewing in the predominantly Muslim communities in Kumasi as they feel betrayed by the ruling class.