Instant Justice In Nima

A video of a man being beaten with blood oozing from wounds on his head has gone virile. The young man who was showed sitting on the ground had about a dozen young men surrounding him with each of them seeking to strike him.

One of them was overhead saying that the victim of the brutality had killed somebody the previous night.

After inflicting an open wound on the victim’s head, one of the aggressors brought a yellow container of water and poured it over him. At a point, he was made to stand up and subjected to a more humiliating and obviously excruciating ordeal.

What happened to the victim afterwards was not known but one thing was clear though that he definitely was not handed over to the Police. If death was the outcome of it all, DAILY GUIDE was unable to establish that.

Last year, a similar incident happened when a young man was beaten into pulp because he was found to be a gay.

A video of the incident also went virile but with the intervention of the Police the aggressors were arrested. It was not known whether they were arraigned or released because the Police came under massive pressure to release the suspects.

A few days earlier, Kumasi recorded a nasty incident when a young lady was stripped naked after she was accused of stealing.

One of the aggressors put his toes into the lady’s private part. The Police had been compelled to issue a warning to those who have the affinity for engaging in instant justice to desist from such action. “Those who are arrested in the act would be dealt with according to the law;” the statement went on.

“There has been a heightened incidence of instant justice in the country and until something is done about it, innocent people would suffer unnecessary ado at the hands of irresponsible persons.” That was the observation of someone who had been shaken by the spectacle of the Kumasi incident.

A member of the now defunct Nima Neighbourhood Watchdog Committee who broke the news to the DAILY GUIDE expressed concern about the development and asked that the Police and community leaders intervene to stop the crude treatment of suspects.